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Web Diamond Ltd offers one stop business solutions that lead to
client's identity, growth and success. Our services include:

Web design, web development and site maintenance  Web design, web development and site maintenance;

Web hosting and virtual/dedicated servers  Web hosting and virtual/dedicated servers;

E-commerce  E-commerce solutions;

International domain registration and acquisition  International domain registration and acquisition;

Content Management System (CMS)  Content Management System (CMS);

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

Graphic design, corporate identity and print  Graphic design, corporate identity and print;

Online marketing and advertising  Online marketing and advertising;

Market research and consultancy  Market research and consultancy.

International domain registration and acquisition

In a similar way to choosing a name for your business, having the right domain name can make a tremendous difference to the responce one gets from the market place. Web Diamond can help you make a positive difference to the success of your business by obtaining the right domain name for you. This involves:
  • Researching and generating suitable domain names according to your business criteria.
  • Conducting a search on availability for local and international domains.
  • Providing a number of options for you to choose from.
  • Purchasing (by auction if necessary) and securing domain in your name.
  • Optimising meta tags, forwarding and maintaning.
International domains
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